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Join the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems at COP28 in assessing the Climate and Biodiversity crisis in Mangroves.

06 / Dec / 2023Events

Join the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems at COP28 in assessing the Climate and Biodiversity crisis in Mangroves.

Mangrove ecosystems are critical and unique coastal systems that serve as an interface between terrestrial, freshwater, and marine realms.   

The interlinkages between the climate and biodiversity crisis are especially visible in mangrove ecosystems, where they generate complex feedback loops. Mangrove ecosystems provide essential protection to coastal populations against increasingly strong storms, and sea level rise, and provide invaluable carbon stock with increasing recognition in the blue carbon discussions. The risk of mangrove ecosystems collapsing will cause an unprecedented cascade of effects, directly affecting local economies, and undermining ecosystem services.  

This session will explore how ecosystem science and economic analysis can explore risk to mangrove ecosystems, and how those can inform future decisions that will help achieve both Climate and Nature commitments.   

The session will explore some key considerations:  

  • How is the current trend in Ecosystem dynamics expected to evolve over the next years?   

  • What are regional differences in mangrove risk of collapse? Are all mangroves equally endangered?  

  • Are global commitments sufficient and realistic to cope with Mangrove ecosystem challenges?  

  • What relations can we expect between Mangrove risk and economic risk?  

  • How can global solutions integrate national plans?  

The session will present the preliminary results of the Red List of Mangrove Ecosystems, explore the repercussions of increased risk of collapse of mangroves, and explore avenues for integration into NDC and NBSAP and will help understand the feedback loops in Mangrove ecosystems between climate, biodiversity, and economies.  


Written by: Marcos Valderrabano




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