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COURSE: Risk Assessments of Species Extinction and Ecosystem Collapse

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The IUCN's Red List of Ecosystems team, together with the Species Survival Commission (SSC), are pleased to invite you to an on-site, joint training course on risk assessments of species extinction and ecosystem collapse. The event is organized by the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC) and Provita, in collaboration with the International Center for Tropical Ecology (CIET). This course has been endorsed and included in the IVIC's ecology graduate program, and will be imparted in Spanish. 

The IUCN's Red List of Threatened Species (RLTS) and the Red List of Ecosystems (RLE) allow the assessments of the risk of extinction of species and collapse of ecosystems, respectively, through the application of standardized quantitative criteria and categories. The results of the assessments can be compared between regions and over time to inform local, national, regional and global conservation measures.

Increasing the number of conservation practitioners and policy makers that thoroughly understand the risk assessment process is essential to improve both the reach and application of these important tools. Thus, this course is aimed at professionals and students with background in taxonomy, ecology, biodiversity management, conservation, and related disciplines, which are interested in conducting risk assessments and/or using risk assessments as a valuable input for their own research and work.

The course will:

    • Provide a general description of the scientific foundations and methodology of IUCN's RLTS and RLE, including key concepts, examples of completed national and global assessments, and their applications.
    • Explain the set of categories and criteria used for the RLTS and RLE risk assessments.
    • Provide, through specific case studies, an understanding not only of how the criteria work together to assess risk, but how this information can be used to inform management policies and decision making.
    • Illustrate the key components of RLTS and RLE risk assessments, as well as data and information requirements, through practical exercises.


Follow this link to access the course syllabus.

To apply, it is necessary to fill out and send the following form before August 24, 2018.

"Carlos Schubert", Ecology Center, IVIC, Altos de Pipe, Caracas
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