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Australian Mangrove and Saltmarsh Network Conference 2018

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The Australian Mangrove and Saltmarsh Network is an informal independent network for people and organizations concerned about mangrove and saltmarsh tidal wetland habitats around Australia, and elsewhere including professional researchers, managers, industry officers and environmental consultants, as well as community enthusiasts. Their annual conferences are known for providing a unique opportunity to hear primarily about the current trends in saltmarsh and mangrove management with a specific focus on the complex issues faced by conservation and rehabilitation efforts in urban environments.

With a theme of ‘mangroves and saltmarsh – the urban survivors’, this year's event will bring together coastal and estuarine wetland researchers, policymakers, academics, students, consultants, local government wetland managers, community advocates, citizen scientists and traditional owners of the lands to share the latest experiences and information. The conference will also provide numerous formal and informal networking opportunities with many of the current and future leaders in the field today, and offer a chance to visit the urban estuarine wetlands of Sydney Olympic Park and elsewhere to see first-hand the innovative and pragmatic solutions to managing these extensive wetlands in a highly urban setting.

The Red List of Ecosystems (RLE) will be there too with two research presentations (Mapping the distribution and trajectory of the global intertidal zone - Dr. Nick Murray, Imperfect detection of mangroves satellites - Calvin Lee) on global distribution and dynamics of tidal mudflats and on methods to remotely sense mangrove dynamics. Both aimed at supporting a global red list of coastal ecosystems in the future. 

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MAZE Level 3 18 Wally's Walk. Macquarie University
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