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The New Initiative of the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems Team, Ecosystems of the world in pictures

The Team Red List IUCN Ecosystems invites you to participate in the "world photos Ecosystems", which aims to promote awareness and support the conservation of the world's ecosystems.


To participate just post your own photos of ecosystems on our Facebook wall, identified by its location, the name by which it is known and your personal data (name, e-mail, address). We will post the photos in an album categorized by type of ecosystem. The photo with the most "likes" per week will be our Facebook Timeline Cover next week. Also, if you authorize, the photos with the most "likes" in the next three months will be included in our publications (electronic and printed) with their claims. The authors of these photos will receive a certificate.

The aim of the initiative is to have an open gallery of terrestrial, marine, and freshwater underground ecosystems of the world that allows people of any region know the diverse ecosystems on the planet. To conserve ecosystems is necessary to know its condition and the risk of collapse. For this reason, the photos do not have to be restricted to visual undisturbed environments; can also include perspectives and disturbed areas or environments that have a long history of human pressure. There are also what is known as cultural environments (environments with more than one hundred years of human occupation), which are also part of our diversity.

What sites do you know?

Contest rules

  1. Open to all fans of our Facebook page. If you have not, make the icon "like".
  2. Be open to all people over 18, of any nationality and country of residence.
  3. To upload photos, visit our Facebook (must be logged) and "Write something" set the type of ecosystem with a brief description, geographic location, the local nickname and your name. "Attach" add your photo and it will appear on our wall and will be voted on by all our supporters. In addition, please send an email to the direcció[email protected] with all your data.
  4. There will be a committee that will place the photos later in an album categorized by type of ecosystem.
  5. You can upload as many photos as you like, as long as they fulfill the theme "Ecosystems of the world." Photos that do not complete the requirements will be deleted. Photos must have a resolution of 300 dpi or 1600 x 1600 pixels, to be available afterwards.
  6. The deadline for uploading photographs ends next December 31st at 24:00 GMT -4:30. The voting process will end on January 31st, 2013 at 24 pm GMT -4:30, photographs of each ecosystem with more "likes" will be the winner and, with consent, be included in the website Red List of Threatened Ecosystems ( Additionally, it will be part of a gallery of ecosystems that includes authorized images.
  7. These winner photographs authors will receive a certificate issued by the Committee of the Red List of Ecosystems.
  8. The photo that gets more "likes" each week will be our Facebook Timeline Cover the next week. The head of this photo will also receive a certificate and will be part of the photo gallery. Additionally, it will be used in printed or digital version by the Red List of Ecosystems Committee, if allowed by authors.
  9. Participation in this competition implies acceptance of these rules.


Provita Nov 29, 2012


IUCN Red List of Ecosystems


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