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The 2013 Australian Ecology Research Award (AERA) rewards David Keith


The Australian Ecology Research Award (AERA) has already announced who is the 2013 winner! This award recognises excellence in Australian ecology research, and is delivered every year in the Ecological Society of Australia.  


This year AERA recognises professor David Keith for his outstanding contributions to the biodiversity conservation. Some of his work focuses on the description and mapping of vegetation patterns, restoration of native vegetation, long-term ecological studies on ecosystems dynamics, the ecological effects of climate change, among others.

Recently, one of his major contributions has been the participation in the development of the new version IUCN Red List of ecosystems criteria. Keith´s contribution to this initiative consolidates the theoretical basis and facilitates the identification useful measures (abiotic and biotic variables), for the assessment of threat status (risk analysis) of ecosystems worldwide, as an input for responsible conservation decisions. 

The IUCN – Red List of Ecosystems wishes to congratulate David Keith for this award, we will celebrate this recognition!

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Provita Oct 30, 2013


IUCN Red List of Ecosystems


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