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IUCN Red List of Ecosystems Introductory workshop in Gland, Switzerland

The IUCN hosts its first introductory RLE workshop in Switzerland!

The first IUCN Red List of Ecosystems (RLE) Introductory workshop was held on October 17th, 2017 in Gland, IUCN HQ in Switzerland,  where representatives from different IUCN Programmes participated. The purpose of this exploratory workshop was to highlight the relevance of the IUCN RLE and showcase why and how to implement the RLE approach through different case studies, such as Colombia, France, and Madagascar. During this half-day workshop, participants also had exploratory discussions on engagement opportunities with IUCN RLE.

Mr. Stewart Maginnis, Director of the Global Forest & Climate Change Programme and Global Director of the Nature-based Solutions Group Magginings, opened the event pointing out the importance of strengthening linkages between programmes to establish a transdisciplinary framework for the application of the IUCN RLE for conservation and, sustainable planning and decision-making.

Presentations were given by experts working on ecosystem risk assessment and nature conservation within the RLE framework: Pauline Teillac and Aurélien Carré, both from the French IUCN Committee, as well Professor David Keith, Lead of the IUCN CEM RLE Thematic Group, and Emily Nicholson, Co-Lead of the  IUCN CEM RLE Thematic Group. Participants had the opportunity of meeting and sharing their ideas and concerns with them, chief of which was the importance of showing the potential of the IUCN RLE as an important and cost-effective tool to assist countries with both environmental monitoring and international reporting requirements. The need of reinforcing the visibility of the IUCN RLE by enhancing its communication, interdisciplinary project design and implementation, multidisciplinary stakeholder integration, policy-making, and capacity building activities were also emphasized as crucial to raise awareness and reach a wider audience.

To achieve this purpose, strong dialogue, and collaboration is required. Potential opportunities to establish further linkages between the IUCN RLE and other sectors presently include further engaging RLE in global policy frameworks such as the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and the IPBES, and ensuring its involvement with academia, nature-based solution (NbS) project developments, and socially promoted conservation initiatives.


Written by Verónica Ruiz

Style and Format: Clara Gómez

Provita Oct 19, 2017


IUCN Red List of Ecosystems


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