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Remap: the remote ecosystem monitoring and assessment tool

Remap -- an online sensing application that allows you to quickly develop classified maps of ecosystems for any location on Earth!

One of the primary requirements for IUCN Red List of Ecosystems assessment is an accurate map of an ecosystem. To develop maps of ecosystems is, however, the typical task of a specialist, which requires vast amounts of time analyzing remote sensing data and advanced skills in data analysis. This can be a severe constraint to RLE assessment programs and may consume large amounts of resources that could otherwise be more fruitfully spent assessing the criteria.

To provide a way out of this problem, we spent last year developing remap (the remote ecosystem monitoring and assessment pipeline: Remap is an online sensing application that allows one to quickly develop classified maps of ecosystems for any location on Earth.

Our aim is to train users with a little background in remote sensing to design high-quality ecosystem maps. The primary functionality of remap is to develop classified maps from free remote sensing data, which includes spectral data (Landsat), topographic (elevation, slope) and climatic (precipitation, temperature).

To use it, simply teach remap what you wish to map by identifying different ecosystems or land cover types within your study area. Remap then uses Google Earth Engine to classify the data, returning a highly accurate map that can be analyzed within Remap or downloaded to your computer.

Remap features built-in methods to calculate the spatial metrics required by the RLE, and the ability to develop map time-series maps from Landsat data acquired over the last 20 years. Because remap can be used to map any type of land cover, it is also useful for quickly developing maps of water distribution, deforestation, urbanization, and anything else that is observable by Landsat.

Remap is being launched this week (December, 14th) at the Convention on Biological Diversity meeting in Montreal. For more information go to the remap websitelaunch the app and work your way through the quick-start guide and tutorials. Remap is also available in the RLE Tool section.



Written by: Nicholas Murray

Style and Format: Ana María Fernández

Supported and Funded by: Google Earth Engine 

Provita Dec 13, 2017


IUCN Red List of Ecosystems


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