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Red List of Ecosystems of Norway now available in English

The Red List of Norwegian Ecosystems gathers information about the conservation status of the habitats and ecosystems that are currently diminishing their span or exist only in small areas and as such are considered to be under risk of collapse. To achieve this, Norwegian experts quantified the loss in area and analyzed the evidences of degradation or other major ecosystem change (e.g. conversion).

As the main result of this evaluation, more than 80% of Norwegian ecosystems were included on the Red List, classified as: 2 Critically Endangered (CR) habitats, 15 Endangered (EN), 23 Vulnerable (VU), 31 Near Threatened (NT) and 9 as Data Deficient (DD). Even though, during the evaluation, which considered the last 50 years period, none of the Norwegian ecosystems were classified as disappeared (RE).

Based on these results, the experts at NBIC, in relation to the IUCN efforts, have produced a valuable contribution to the conservation of Norwegian ecosystems, through the elaboration and publication of their Red List of Ecosystems. As an additional contribution, this list is already available in English in our section of Publications.

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Provita Jan 22, 2013


IUCN Red List of Ecosystems


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