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World Conservation Congress of the IUCN: State and Tendencies of the Biodiversity in the Planet

The prestigious World Conservation Congress of the IUCN 2016 was held in Hawaii under the motto “Planet on Crossroads” and the Red List of Ecosystems had a leading role in it.

The World Conservation Congress (WCC) of the IUCN was held from September 1st to 10th, and thousands of environmental leaders from all over the world gathered together in order to, in the face of global challenges, promote solutions to environmental problems.

On this new edition of the WWC, the Red List of Ecosystems (RLE) set the agenda as the new tool to understand the current state of ecosystems around the world. It was a great opportunity to spread the word regarding both the achievements and advances of this IUCN and CEM initiative.

Within its program, the so-called “Journeys” were tacked as well: Guides with a selection of events both handpicked separately and focused on specific conservation issues, intent on guaranteeing all participants could attend any important events relevant to their work and areas of interest. The most relevant "Journey" on this edition of the congress was that which the RLE of the IUCN , winner of the Eureka Award 2015 on Environmental Research, programmed.

Through this "Journey", participants were able to familiarize themselves with theoretical principles and planning, as well as development and conservation strategies employed by the initiative.

The RLE Team presented the applied practices, learned lessons, advances, and future standards. They also presented studies about the state and tendencies of biodiversity in the planet and the terrestrial ecosystems in the United States and Senegal. Likewise, the Green List of Ecosystem (GLE) and the standardization of assessment units were also discussed.

This event was also a good opportunity to elect new positions. Dr. Angela Andrade, who has directly participated in the RLE initiative, was chosen President of the CEM. As per other important commissions of the IUCN, Dr. Jon Paul Rodriguez, researcher of the Ecology Center of the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC), was chosen President of the Species Survival Commission (SSC) with more than 50 years of experience.

Dr. Rodriguez, along with Dr. David Keith, researcher of the University of Wales, were coleaders in creating the RLE of the IUCN. This will be a very positive fact for the interaction of the two associated knowledge products: the Red List of Ecosystems and the Red List of Threatened Species.

Commission governances change every 4 years with renewal of up to 2 years.

This wonderful Congress allowed showing examples about the application and scope of the RLE as per biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, seeking  to include different factors to monitor the state of our planet.


For further information and to download reports and presentations of this 2016 edition of the WCC, visit:

Written by: Mariana Collet C.

Translated by: Carmen Quintero

Provita Oct 01, 2016


IUCN Red List of Ecosystems


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