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The first edition of the “Ecosystems of the World in pictures” officially closed with awards, and we are now preparing for the second one

The winners of the 1st photography contest “Ecosystems of the World in pictures” received their awards at the beginning of June, the Environment month.

The first edition of the “Ecosystems of the World in pictures” photography contest was carried out on 2013 through the IUCN Red List of Ecosystem’s Facebook and by mid-January 2014 the winners were announced on this social network. The outcome of this contest were 2 winning pictures:

In 1st Place, “Santa Ana Hill, Paraguana Peninsula, Venezuela”, by Delson Ramirez and in 2nd place “Conifer forests of the neovolcanic ridge, northern Morelos state, Mexico”, by Victor Flores.

As part of their awards, these pictures were published on the facebook cover in January and February respectively. Both photos were also published in the IUCN Red List of Ecosystem’s website. This recognition was supplemented by a copy of a beautiful nature book by Provita, Faces of Extinction, as well as a T-shirt and cap courtesy of IUCN.

This officially closes the first edition of the contest. In the next few days we hope to launch the second one which this time will have new awards and bases. On this occasion our goal is the same, to present the ecosystems diversity of our planet, however this time emphasizing on their intervention.

If you wish to participate in the second edition of the contest watch for new announcements on our website and social networks (facebook and twitter).

Provita Jun 19, 2014


IUCN Red List of Ecosystems


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