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Celebrating Edmund Barrow

Ed Barrow has retired as Head of IUCN's Global Ecosystem Management Programme, but this is not a farewell. After a well-deserved break, Ed will continue supporting the RLE programme as a CEM member.

Ed Barrow retired as Head of IUCN’s Global Ecosystem Management Programme at the end of June 2017. Ed worked tirelessly for nature conservation during his long and distinguished career with IUCN. He championed a vision for better livelihoods while securing a rich and biodiverse world, with Red Lists of Ecosystems (RLE) informing decision-making from local communities to macro-economies and multi-national business. Ed’s good Irish humour, measured advice and dedication to team work are legendary. 

In his leadership role, he supported and worked well with everyone. He played a vital role in promoting the benefits of risk-based decision making to the broader community and was a driving force behind IUCN’s adoption of the RLE as a global standard for ecosystem risk assessment. Ed’s stewardship of the RLE set the stage for significant advances in ecosystem management, as more and more countries initiate their Red Lists of Ecosystems. The RLE Team expresses deep gratitude to Ed and we look forward his continuing involvement in the RLE programme through activities in the Commission on Ecosystem Management.


Written by: David Keith

Provita Jul 04, 2017


IUCN Red List of Ecosystems


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