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Red list of Ecosystems in Brazil (A Lista Vermelha de Ecossistemas no Brasil)

Maria A. Oliveira-Miranda (WCEM/PROVITA) fazendo apresentação sobre as categorias e critérios da Lista Vermelha de Ecossistemas.   Since June 2012, Brazil is in the implementation process of the Red List of Ecosystems, tool used worldwide to assess the state of conservation of natural environments. IUCN Brazil, together with Provita (Venezuela), the Commission of Ecosystem Management of IUCN (CEM) and other partner institutions, conducted from 26 to 28 September 2014 a workshop for the application of the methodology in Brazilian ecosystems. The workshop was attended by Maria A. Oliveira Miranda (Provita / IUCN Venezuela) who coordinated the event and shared their expertise in the application of the methodology in various countries. This meeting is part of a series of training and workshops from Brazilian institutions, dealing with the development of a strategy to facilitate national implementation of the methodology taking into account the reality of Brazilian biomes, the availability of informa

IUCN Red List of Ecosystems


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